Would you like to your human resource and payroll functions to be handled by one check each pay period?

Carlisle Staffing, LTD. can help you get more time to run your business by taking care of all the chores associated with HR paperwork.

Businesses these days have a hard time keeping current with all the regulations and rules that consume a lot of their company's money, resources and effort.  A lot of companies cannot afford to employ an HR manager, an attorney, a risk manager, an IS manager and an accountant.  

A partnership with Carlisle Staffing, LTD. can help you not have to deal with those issues and save valuable time away from figuring out all those legal and regulatory guidelines.

We can do the following:

Payroll Management

Carlisle Staffing, LTD. can function as your firm's Payroll Department.

Our specialized experience can build systems for regular and customized payroll systems, prepare W-2s, and process child support payments.

Administrative Duties

Carlisle Staffing, LTD. performs numerous Administrative Duties. This mountain of paperwork includes maintaining permanent employee files and benefits, and managing health care and Workers' Compensation claims.

Tax Reporting

Carlisle Staffing, LTD. files all the necessary Federal and State Tax Reports.  We can also help eliminate last-minute paper chases as the filing deadlines approach.

Payroll Tax Duties

Carlisle Staffing, LTD. efficiently handles all corporate Payroll Tax deposits, and all State and Federal filing requirements. Call us at 630-920-0000.